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plaything n : an artifact designed to be played with [syn: toy]

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  1. a thing or person intended for playing with, and therefore not to be considered seriously

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Charlie McCarthy, agate, agent, ancilla, appliance, babe, ball, baseball bat, bat, battledore, bauble, blocks, boob, checkerboard, chessboard, chump, cinch, club, cockhorse, contrivance, creature, credulous person, cricket bat, cue, cull, device, die, doll, doll carriage, dummy, dupe, easy mark, easy pickings, fall guy, fish, fool, game, gewgaw, gimcrack, go-between, gobe-mouches, golf club, greener, greenhorn, greeny, gudgeon, gull, handmaid, handmaiden, hobbyhorse, implement, innocent, instrument, interagent, intermediary, intermediate, intermedium, jack-in-the-box, jacks, jackstones, jackstraws, kickshaw, knickknack, leadpipe cinch, lever, marble, marionette, mechanism, mediator, medium, midwife, mig, minion, monkey, organ, paper doll, pastime, patsy, pawn, pick-up sticks, pigeon, pinwheel, pretty, prize sap, puppet, pushover, racket, rag doll, rocking horse, sap, saphead, schlemiel, servant, sitting duck, slave, sport, steelie, stooge, sucker, taw, teetotum, tool, top, toy, toy soldier, trinket, trusting soul, vehicle, victim, whim-wham
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